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Metropia 2042 challenge-Catherine

This is my recent work for Artstation Character create challenge NVIDIA Metropia 2042.

This girl named Catherine is a surgeon of the year 2042, The final rendering is a representation of how she had just finished an operation and walked outside to have a rest and smoke (she used to be an ordinary person).
Catherine is a combination of the human brain, AI and machinery. I envision her body surface covered with special plastic that can convey the touch. Her arms can be opened like a Swiss army knife.
There are many medical devices folded inside, and her face still holds humans. So that she could have the ability to communicate and convey emotions smoothly. I hope she can bring the gospel to the people of 2042.

I made the high model in Zbrush, It was retopoed in Maya, textured in Substance Painter, rendered in Arnold, and composed in Photoshop.

Please visit the challenge thread if you want to see more.